Do you need help with rent or utilities?

If you are behind in rent, have a disconnect notice, or in dire need of other assistance, we may be able to help.

CLICK HERE for eligibility, required documents and other information.

Are you interested in renting the Community Center?

  Rent the Community Center for birthday parties, family gatherings, classes and other activities any day of the week.

CLICK HERE for more details and to view a sample contract. Call the Township Office for available dates: 317-773-0249



To learn about government finance for political subdivisions, see Gateway’s Online Dashboard: https://gateway.ifionline.org/public/FD/overview.aspx

Impact of Coronavirus

Rent, Utilities and other Twp Assistance
  • Call or email us and we can assist. We are only making appointments and doing interviews by phone at this time.
  • Call 317-773-0249.  Our email is info@noblesvilletownshiptrustee.com
Noblesville Township Pantry
  • The Pantry will be opening Wednesday, May 27 and will continue on Wednesdays following.  Visit St. Vincent de Paul or White River Christian Church websites to check on their food pantry hours of operation.
Hamilton County Energy Assistance through Good Samaritan
  • We recommend you contact them at 317-842-2603 or email information to eap@gsnlive.org.

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