Peggy Pfister

Board Member

Peggy Pfister has made Noblesville her home for 50 years. She has three grown children, Scott, Lauri and Brian who all graduated from Noblesville High School; she also enjoys her five wonderful grandchildren. Peggy holds a Master in Counseling from Butler University and BS in Education from Purdue University. For most of her career, Peggy has worked in Hamilton County government serving as Assessor, Assistant Director of the Hamilton County Highway Department, and Deputy in the Auditor Office. For the last 7 years, she has served on the Noblesville Township Board, a position she holds dear as she feels she can make a positive difference in the lives of Noblesville Township residents. She also is an avid supporter of other Township services such as the Parks and Fire Departments, the pool program and various other social services. She lives by the saying that “You cannot change the entire world but you can help one person at a time.”

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