Community Center Rental

We are booking Community Center events with reduced capacity at this time! Please call to get your date on the schedule today!

The Noblesville Township Community Center is available 7 days-a-week for receptions, showers, birthday parties and more. The Center’s main room is approximately 1440 square feet.  Use of the room includes  round tables,  rectangular tables and chairs. The Center also has a kitchen with microwave, oven and refrigerator/freezer, bathrooms and closet for coats. Cleaning supplies are available for required post-event cleanup.

Prices per day
Live in Noblesville Township $80
In Township and Age 65 or Over/Military/City or County Employees $70
Out of Township OR Any Commercial Use $150

A $50 deposit is required to hold the date for your event.
The Township is not under any obligation to hold the room until a deposit is paid. Your deposit can be returned after the event, depending on the following:

  1. Event is not cancelled within 14 days
  2. Post-event clean up is complete. (Clean-up Checklist)
  3. Key is returned within 2 business days
  4. No evidence of damage to the Community Center 



The renter will sign a formal contract with the Noblesville Township Trustee Office prior to the event. The following are some of the key points of the contract:

  1. Causes no damage of any kind to the facility by the renter and/or guests. Is responsible for any reasonable attorney fees that may be incurred by Noblesville Township to enforce the signed agreement or to recover any damages done to the facility by the renter or by any persons present using the facility;
  2. Assumes all risk of loss, damage, or injury to persons or property and releases Noblesville Township from all claim for losses to property, to personal injury said facility;
  3. Agrees to be in charge of, and responsible for the conduct of all persons in attendance while using the facility;
  4. Sends notice in writing within 14 days prior to the scheduled event to cancel.  Failure to notify Noblesville Township in the specified time may result in a user fee equal to the rental fee. Bookings made over 6 months in advance will not be eligible for a refund of the fee or deposit if the reservation is later cancelled.
  5. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed in the Community Center;
  6. No glitter, confetti, smoke or fog machines are permitted;
  7. Agrees that the event will end by 11pm, Monday thru Saturday, and 9pm on Sunday;
  8. A deposit and rental fee is due  within 2 business days when making a phone reservation.