Help During COVID-19

The Noblesville Township Trustee Office is making appointments by phone and email at this time.

COVID-19:   New Protocols for Noblesville Township Trustee Office

These policies will likely evolve as needed for the health and safety of our employees and the community:

  1. Following a directive issued by Paul Joyce, Director of the State Board of Accounts, the Noblesville Township Board gave emergency authority to the Trustee to alter the application, interview and approval process to allow more flexibility to financially assist residents in need and to keep personal contact at a minimum.
  2. Appointments are made by phone or email only. Please call 317-773-0249 or email us at  We will be checking calls and emails on a daily basis.
  3. We will assist the homeless, when possible.
  4. We will assist newly released inmates when possible, in coordination with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department.
  5. The Township Food Pantry is OPEN.  Also check the St. Vincent de Paul and White River Christian Church websites for their food pantry hours of operation.
  6. We are now booking new events for the  Community Center.
  7. We utilize hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes and sanitize multiples times daily.

Impact of Coronavirus

Rent, Utilities and other Twp Assistance
  • Call 317-773-0249.  Our email is We are only making appointments and doing interviews by phone at this time.  Applications and paperwork requirements will be emailed to you. We can receive required documents through email or they can be dropped off at the door. Please wear a mask.
  • The Moratorium for evictions has ended. Please contact us immediately if you are struggling to keep up with rent or mortgage payments.
Noblesville Township Pantry
  • The Pantry is open at the Township! Food is available in the front entry primarily Wednesday - Friday.  Wednesday is our grocery bag distribution day! Please come inside the front door one at a time and wear a mask.  See all  other food pantries listed on this website under the Resources tab.
Hamilton Cty Energy Assistance through Good Samaritan Network
  • The Moratorium for utilities has ended. If you are struggling with paying your gas or electric bill, contact us for an appointment. Also, contact your provider and try to work out a payment plan.  You can also reach out to Energy Assistance Program at 317-842-2603 or email information to