Call the Township Office to learn more about specific services:  317-773-0249

Township Assistance

Staff assist Noblesville Township residents who are in crisis and need financial assistance. Click here for income guidelines to see if you generally qualify for assistance. (See Township Assistance tab)

Food Pantry

 Noblesville Township is providing food bags every Tuesday 9a to 4p. Various food items are also available to choose from  Monday – Friday each week (i.e. bread, refrigerated items). 

Fire Protection and Emergency Services

The Trustee’s Office contracts with the local fire department to provide protection for residents of the Township. 

Emergency Shelter

In a situation where a family is homeless, the Trustee’s Office will do its best to provide shelter when shelter resources are available. Hamilton County has few resources for emergency shelter and/or very-low income housing.

Care for Abandoned Cemeteries

Township Trustee is responsible for maintaining abandoned and public cemeteries within its borders. Specifically, Noblesville Township maintains four cemeteries including Caylor, Tharp and Weaver and Mott.


Burial or cremation assistance is available for indigent persons or low income families who lack the resources to provide a proper burial for a loved one. The process must start with the Trustee’s Office before making arrangements with a funeral home. The loved one must also have lived in Noblesville Township at the time of death; next of kin must provide the death certificate.

The family must complete an application under the name of the deceased.  Paperwork to support the application along with a brief interview will also be required. Call the office for more specific information.

Weed Control

Destruction of certain invasive weeds including the noxious Canada Thistle, Johnson Grass, Field Bindwind is a responsibility of the Noblesville trustee. If a complaint is made, the Trustee will investigate to identify the problem; once identified, the landowner must destroy the plants within 5 days from receipt of written notice from the Trustee’s office.

Link to the Purdue Extension article on Canada Thistle:

Holiday Assistance

Families with few financial resources or are in a financial crisis can apply for holiday assistance.  Holiday meals for an entire family are delivered for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Christmas gifts for the children also can be provided.  The ages and sizes of the children.  The number of applicants is limited so you will want to sign up early. 

Community Programs (Shoe Carnival & Kohl’s)

More to come

Summer Recreation Camps

Noblesville Township partners with the Noblesville Schools to offer free Summer Recreation Camps.  More than 20 camps are available for youth primarily in grades 1-8.

Camps include traditional athletic programming such as basketball, track and field, cross country, tennis, soccer, football and swimming.  Other camps may include dance, color guard, archery, synchronized swimming , hiking and adventure camps.

To register, check the website beginning in April of each year.  Camps fill up extremely quickly!