Application Checklist


The Trustee can approve assistance primarily for RENT, GAS, ELECTRIC and WATER.  Assistance is usually NOT provided for mortgage, trash, sewer, phone, internet/cable, insurance, medical bills or taxes. In rare cases, some exceptions are made.

When you arrive, staff will make copies of your required paperwork as you complete an application (15-20 mins). Missing information may delay assistance or be cause for denial. Once completed, you will interview with the Intake Coordinator (15-30 mins) to explain your situation.  Plan for the time necessary to complete both the application and interview.

    • If Requesting Rent AssistanceMUST have a landlord statement.
    • If requesting Utilities AssistanceMUST have a disconnect notice.
    • If age 18 or older in household – MUST sign the application and provide all that is stated below.

Bring the following items with you at the time of application:

   Photo ID of adult applicant(s) and all adults in household (adults are age 18 and older) 
   Social Security cards: all members of household
   Copy of lease agreement
 – If requesting rent, must obtain statement from landlord that includes landlords name, address, phone number and  base rent owed plus any deposits and fees.
□   All monthly bills: gas, electric, water sewer, credit cards, cable, TV and phone bill, loans or any other regular payments
□   Income for household: Last 30 days of paystubs, SSI or SSDI, child support, TANF or Food Stamps any other income from all persons in household.  Please bring your most recent tax return to verify any refund.
□   Bank transaction history: most current CHECKING/SAVINGS/PAYCARD account activity verifying all expenses paid out in last 60 days.  (This is not a bank statement)
□   Other Assets: any retirement account, 401K, CD’s, IRA’s, bond or savings or any other funds.
□   Medical Information: a doctor’s statement pertaining to the illness or disability (if applicable)
□   Quit or lost job: Must provide statement showing receiving or have applied for unemployment benefits

The Trustee has up to 3 days to make a decision.